MDF Letters


Right from the very first catalogue we have always sold gold and silver letters, and you can still find them today (available in two sizes). However, during that time we have also been getting numerous inquiries from you as to whether we do them in blue? Or black? Or white? Or even, in one case, to match someone's wallpaper! Clearly stocking that broad a range of options was never going to be practical, so we always just stuck to the gilded letters, but then we had a brainwave – what about if we provided the letters and you provided the finish?

Design-wise, the options are endless. I've shown you just a handful of ideas on this page, but the only limit is your imagination. You could paint your letters the same colour as your wall for a really subtle effect, or a dramatically contrasting finish for maximum impact. You could even think about using spray glue to coat the letters in glitter (as I have done with the R above) or what about sticking on feathers?.

To order letters find the letters in the drop-down box then click on "Add to cart". 

(The base shade of the MDF on each may vary)

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