Set of 4 Festival Crockery Plates


Dia 20cm

Funky mismatch is the new conservative co-ordination! Well, some of the time it is... There are always occasions in my life where I just want to serve up a quick family breakfast, an afternoon cake-fest, or a casual late night snack - and at those times I would much rather head to the slightly more relaxed end of the crockery shelf. That's what my Festival range is all about. Bright, bold, fun, tough, and all in a very contemporary suite of colours and patterns. There are already plates, cups and bowls in the range - so feel free to mix, match and put together the type of collection you need for the sort of jobs they will have to do, but above all have fun. They are all there to be used, abused and appreciated, so make sure they come out to play as often as possible!

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